Moments that have formed us… 

The Beginning

Xenia Grace Chapel (formerly known as Church of Christ in Christian Union ) beginning was launched by Ollie Hilderbrand Grooms, an ordained minister, who requested help from the Denominational Board to begin a church in Xenia.

Summer months of 1939

Tent revivals were held in Xenia with a great response of many giving their hearts to Christ. As a result of this great response a group of people came together to purchase a store front at 126 N. Columbus Street. The first Pastor was Reverend Ralph Dillard.
On December 3rd, 1947 a small lot was purchased at 261 N. West Street in Xenia
Many diligent church members began the task of digging the basement. Mary Mendenhall, Reverend Alva Hilderbrand & Reverend Guy Johnson led the way in this project. The church was able to move into its new home.
In March of this year, the church struggled financially and was forced to close its doors. But, in September of this same year, Reverend Kenneth Harlan moved forward to open the doors again. A new believer, Glenola Haines, and her brother Harrison Shaw came on board to assist in the re-opening. Many ministries were added to the church as the building was completed.
By this year, a parsonage was purchased. This was during the ministry of Reverend Fred Newsome.
During the ministry of Reverend Newsome the church reached its largest attendance of an average of 80 in Sunday school.
Reverend Joe Dillard became Pastor in July.
April 3rd, the Xenia tornado that nearly destroyed the entire city hit. And the church building was not spared. Afterward, we were informed by the city that we were not able to rebuild on the current site. While praying and worshiping at the Greene County Career Center, an anonymous gift was given to the church. So, therefore, we began to look for land.
November 11,1974 a groundbreaking service was held for new property. A portion of that property belonged to Ollie Grooms who had the original vision for the church. She died as a result of the tornado.
Dr. Bob Kline presided over the dedication of the new church building on November 30th, 1975. The insurance policy was not adequate to totally rebuild. But, with the help of many volunteer hours, the church was completed debt free. Located at 380 Bellbrook Ave (now houses the Domestic Violence Prevention Center)
The parsonage was sold to help take care of financial needs. The Church Extension Department of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union helped to supplement salary and insurance to call a full-time pastor.
Pastor Dan Jordan and his wife Pam came to Xenia Grace to begin their ministry. With 4 members and an attendance of 12, the church began to grow.
A home was purchased adjoining the property to be used for educational purposes.
Our church family May 1987
A mission statement was established and a strategy for growth began to emerge. The name was changed from Church of Christ in Christian Union to Xenia Grace Chapel.
Fifteen acres of land was purchased from Norman Fear at Wright Cycle Estates.
A ground breaking ceremony was held on our new property. It was a work of love…
A ground breaking ceremony was held on our new property. It was a work of love…

July 4th, 1999
We celebrated our new church home at 100 Grace Drive in Xenia. We had our first service in a tent due to several permits yet to be approved.
But, by the 11th of this month we were able to meet in our new ministry center.
A vision to use part of the building for a daycare began to rise.
Soon afterward Grace Learning Center opened its doors.
Pastor Dan loves old cars.
This love prompted the 1st Annual Xenia Grace Chapel Car Show which was held in September.
In an effort to help those in need in our community the 1st Annual Dave Zehring Good Samaritan Auction was held in April. People brought in donations to be auctioned off and the proceeds went to help the poverty stricken with food, medical, and housing assistance.
A gift of $627,000 was given to pay off the church’s debt of purchasing 15 acres and the construction of the new church.
Click here to read article from Xenia Gazette
A home next to the church property was given to the church, remodeled, and called “Grace Place.” It is used to home for missionaries while in transition and while they are raising their support in the United States. The first missionaries to stay were Mark & Bev Donahue, missionaries in Paraguay.
Subsequent missionary residents have been: 2010 – Kyle and Jayne Wenig, AIA missionaries 2012 – Steve and Debbie Cartwright, WGM Missionaries
2014 – Bev and Mark Donahue, XGC again is blessed to host the Donahues at Grace Place
2015 – Steve and Debbie Cartwright, again were able to stay at Grace Place.
2016 – Missionaries from American Baptist Missions. 
2017 – Bev and Mark Donahue,  XGC welcomes back the Donahues to Grace Place
Fall 2018 – Jeff and Barb Allen, AIA Missionaries to Hungary
2019 – Filipe and Lidiane Manoel, AIA missionaries from Brazil
2007 – UPWARD Basketball & Cheerleading began in the winter. It is a huge ministry for the children & their families in the community. Kids learn the game of basketball in a positive atmosphere with devotions at every practice and at half time of every game.
A program called “Global Focus” was added as an effective tool to keep the congregation involved in missions. It’s purpose is to implement the mission of Acts 1:8. We began to develop strong and very practical ministries and partnerships in the Xenia area, in the state of Ohio, and to places beyond the borders of America.
A barn was built to house equipment for the church and the daycare and also to store donations given throughout the year for the Good Samaritan Auction.
Pastor Dan & Pam celebrated 30 years of being the Lead Pastor. Jerry & Lynn Sparks came shortly after their arrival and served as Worship Leader.
Our church family May 2011.
The church staff expanded by adding a Children’s Pastor and Youth Pastor. This is also when a new Worship Leader came on board to lead us with a contemporary style of music.
In the summer of 2013, the Prayer Gathering was started as a call for all Christians to pray for revival and renewing.
The Back 2 Bethlehem experience was introduced as a winter outreach ministry – leading visitors on an outdoor path through the prophecies, the announcements and the birth of Christ.
2014 saw the completion of the Commercial Kitchen. This project was started several years ago, but this year the Daycare was able to add a a stainless steel 3-basin sink, commercial freezer along with the commercial refrigerator. A gas stove and hood was also added to complete the kitchen. The completed kitchen was dedicated in July 2014 and was affectionately named – “Kate’s Kitchen” after a long time member and friend – Kate Lairson.
A new tractor was also purchased in 2014.
Major building renovations took place this year. Laminate flooring was placed on all hallway floors and new paint and wall carpet decorate the hallway walls. The foyer was completly redone with a lounge area with a fireplace, a new welcome desk and a new coffee bar.
Renovations to the Ministry Center / Multi-purpose area were completed.  New flooring and wall carpeting was added as well as updating the acoustics for that room.  Additional sound and lighting was added to enhance worship services.