What is Safe Place?

This course teaches safety, activities geared to appropriate ages, proper responses in the case of an emergency, etc. For proper supervision, there will always be at least 2 adults working with children at all times. The Safe Place program enables us to evaluate volunteers before enlisting them in this ministry. All volunteer applications are reviewed and sent in for a background check and must be at least 12 years old or in 6th grade.
Children are important to us! That is why we are involved in the Safe Place program. All volunteers that work with babies through teens, are trained in “Safe Place” for any of our activities here at XGC, whether its Children’s Church, Upward, or our Daycare ministry.

Safe Place Guidelines

The creation and institution of these Safe Place guidelines is a reflection of the world and times we live in. At Xenia Grace Chapel, we have a moral obligation to ensure that our church is a Safe Place:
-Safe for kids and their families
· Safe to volunteer and serve
Safe Place is a proactive stance to keep our kids and volunteers safe, and to keep our witness in the community strong.
We appreciate and trust our volunteer staff in ministry. Safe Place is intended to give both parents and volunteers peace of mind while participating in our ministries.

What Safe Place Means For You…

Safe Place provides security for three main areas of ministry . . .
1. Facility:
 Age-appropriate activities take place in physically safe environments. No private areas are used in       ministry.
2. Kids and Families:
Official registration lists exist for all programs. Secure check in/out procedures are in place for Nursery and Preschool programs. At check in, parents are given a name tag. The parent must be present with this to pick up their children.
3. Volunteers:
Safe Place applications and background checks are required for all volunteers. Each volunteer commits to the specific ministry procedures and guidelines for his or her role.