“Love, Grow, Share: Making Disciples, Changing Lives”.


It is to experience in your heart the love of God that can transform you. This love from God is so big and so all-consuming that you are forever changed. One sees themselves differently, they experience compassion for others and there is a spiritual thirst that God gives where we want to know Him well. We can’t get enough of Him and His presence in our life.

This love is so consuming one cannot keep it to oneself. This love expresses itself in acts of kindness, telling others your story of how God has changed you, and giving of yourself and resources to help others come to know God.

We as a church put great emphasis on celebrating God’s love each Sunday by coming together to worship Him. These worship experiences are a great opportunity to invite friends and family to come, see and hear how God is alive in our life.

Growing in our understanding of who God is and how He desires to live in our lives is a big priority for those who are followers of Jesus Christ.
Growth requires effort. Growth means that we constantly are being changed as we are being challenged by new truth and understanding.
Growth is a process. We begin a relationship with God by experiencing His love in our life by a spiritual birth and then a lifetime of growing deeper in our relationship with Him.
Xenia Grace Chapel offers several ministries to help a person grow spiritually. Some of these growth producing ministries are:
Grace Life Groups. This is the best way to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. We are a part of others who desire to know God as we study Scriptures together, encourage and pray for one another and are there for each other during difficult times.
Service. We encourage each believer to discover their spiritual gift and passions to become world changers. Much of our healing and maturing will happen as we find our place of ministry to others.
Sanctification. As a believer matures and grows in this life changing walk with God they will come to realize that God asks for permission to not only become our Savior but to be the Lord or King in our life. This can happen as we make a complete surrender of our will, life, and future to Him.
How can one keep to himself something so good that satisfies the deepest longings of his life? Sharing is the natural response to seeing those who need what you have found. We cannot keep to ourselves this treasure of experiencing God. So sharing comes from a heart of compassion that God has created to love on others, to give or assist those who have needs.
In practical ways it is giving to others who have needs, sharing the gospel, bringing healing and doing well for others. The whole world is our place to serve.

“Changing Lives”

Transformation is the only word that can come close to describe the beautiful changes that God does in our life. Some changes are hard, like destructive habits and former ways of living, and learning a new healthy lifestyle. But all changes add up to something really good. Jesus called it an “abundant life”.

God is the author and director of these changes and he uses His church to bring encouragement and support during these changes
 “Making Disciples”

Jesus’ last instruction to those who would be His followers was to “Go and Make Disciples” (Matthew 28:19-20).

A disciple of Jesus Christ begins that journey of being a Jesus follower by a spiritual birth and then it is a lifetime of growing, changing, serving, and getting to know the heart of Jesus well. It is a relationship with Jesus that is dynamic and all consuming.

At Xenia Grace Chapel we have 2 primary focuses for Making Disciples.
Relationships Move People Through Discipleship. Jesus spent time with His followers and grew them by investing himself into them. So we look for these whom we can encourage and help them in their journey with Christ.
A Discipleship Process. Xenia Grace Chapel is using 4 different chairs that represent 4 different places where one is in their development as a disciple. As one grows they move from chair to chair.