Visitor Survey

How did you hear about Xenia Grace Chapel?

Was this your first time visiting?

Do you have a prayer request?

Would you like more information about the church?

Your Experience Today

Was it easy to find parking with assistance in the parking lot from one of our church volunteers?

Did you feel that there was enough space to mingle in the foyer as you were greeted by our church's members?

Were you able to easily spot the guest/ welcome center to connect with our team there?

Were you welcomed as you entered the worship center? Whether you were alone or with other people, did you feel comfortable in finding a seat?

About The Building

How did the entry foyer feel as you first walked in?

Were you able to easily locate the restrooms?

How did you feel about the worship space where the service took place?

Are there any types of church ministry you would like to get involved in?