Weekly Announcements

Xenia Community Outreach
We will join with the Revive Greene County Churches, Saturday, August 17th at 8:30 AM, For breakfast and for Prayer, Instructions & Supplies at Xenia Grace Chapel.
End of Summer Bash -Sunday, August 18th
We plan on making this our biggest picnic of the year! There will be inflatables and water slides for the children and picnic fun for the adults. Mark your calendars!
Children’s Ministry Parents Meeting.
During Summer Bash today there will be a short meeting for parents of those who have children in the K—5th grades.
Anyone interested in participating in this year’s Christmas Musical
—actors, stage prep, costumes, etc., there will be a meeting on August 20th at 7:00 PM in the teen room. Last year’s was so much fun, won’t you be a part of this year’s?
Membership Classes to start Oct.21st.
If interested in learning more about Xenia Grace Chapel and church membership, indicate on the connection card and place it in the offering plate or turn in to office.
Car Show Meeting, August 25th, after Worship.
This is an important planning meeting for the upcoming car show. We need everyone to be present.
17th Annual Car Show—September 28th. Let’s Make This the BEST One YET!
We need helpers for several areas:
First – donations of cookies and cases of canned pop. Please indicate on the connection card if you can help with this.
Secondly, volunteers to help with parking control, running evaluation sheets from the judges to the office, help with the food area, set up and take down.
There are Volunteer Forms at the Welcome Desk area. Remember, this is a ministry, not just a car show. Thanks so much.

Grace Life Groups will be starting back up in September. Watch your bulletin and Email connections for more information.

The church has need for volunteers in the following areas:

  1. The Worship Team needs an additional 2 or 3 persons to be Sound and Media Technicians.

A Sound and Media Technician is a behind-the-scenes facilitator for the congregation’s Sunday gatherings and other meetings. These individuals contribute valuable expertise to the overall worship experience.

The purpose of a church’s Sound and Media Technician is to provide the congregation with professional audio and video oversight during Sunday services, weddings, funerals, and other church activities.

The sound portion of the Technician’s job is to oversee the soundboard and mixers for all microphones, speakers, and other audio functions.

The media portion of the job includes managing the computer and the video camera during worship. During this time the Technician is responsible for all of the microphone and instrument channels, and making sure the music is mixed properly, often while overseeing the use of ProPresenter software for song lyrics and sermon notes. Video editing capabilities would be a plus for this job.

  1. Good Samaritan Ministries needs volunteers to be available on a regular basis to pick up donated auction items.

The church office keeps a list of people who have items to donate to the auction, but at this time, we do not have anyone with a truck to pick these items up. We are looking for one or two people with a truck to be available for this ministry.

If you would like to help in either of these areas, indicate on the connections card or call the church office. Thanks.

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