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Pastor Dan Devotional, Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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  1. Shelly Kingsolver says:

    Good Morning,

    • pastor says:

      Good Morning, Happy Easter! Today marks 35 yrs of my walk with Christ! I was turning 13 the next day that year. Mark and I would have been married 10 yrs 4/17/2020. We were together 16 years. Matthew is 9 now. He was conceived on our wedding night! this was after just over 2 months of fasting until marriage. Mark & I were also baptized together before marriage. I have been thinking of the church family a great deal! Christ is coming soon! Thank you for everything! Love you all! Shelly Kingsolver

  2. Shelly Kingsolver says:

    Happy Easter! I hope this finds you well. I have been thinking about the church family a lot. Christ is coming soon. I love you all! 4/17/2020 will be 10 yrs of marriage. we would have been together 16 yrs. Thank you so much!Today actually marks 35 years of my walk and growth with Christ! I was baptized Easter Sunday I was turning 13 the next day! Our Son Matthew is now 9 he was conceived on our wedding night after vows to wait a period of fasting of just over 2 months..After being baptized together as one by you Pastor Dan Praise God! I tried the link to church today it did not work. Miss you all!

  3. Nora DeVore says:


    I really like the on line service. I can worship and not have to worry if I am going to have physical problems. I really appreciate being able to worship with out worrying about all the other things that could go wrong. Thanks again for all of prayers. I am healing pretty goodd from my fall. I still have black eyes a big knot but the pain is much better. How is Pam? hope to see you next Sunday. The service was great. Love the dog and cat.

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